Ravylek Stronthrah

A young archer with a strong disposition for authority. He sets out with the rest of the group, only to rebel against any form of the government that drags him down.


Scan0003HP- Very high.

AC- Very high.

Weapons- Hand-made compact bow equipped with aluminum arrows, a stocked set of various accessories for his bow, as well as various kinds of arrow heads. He keeps a hidden blade on him at all times, which is hidden within a special compartment in his boots. The blade’s length is a mere 5 inches, but folds out to make it easily concealable.

Reflex save- Fairly high.


He refuses to speak of his past, however, he will speak of his many encounters with the government. In fact, when it comes to his disputes with the government, he’s quite boastful. He’s rather solemn, and seems to only directly speak with his team mates. He attempts to hide his fearfulness behind fake toughness often. He strives to become a master archer, and once gaining that status, attempt to create a land of peace and freedom for everyone.

Ravylek Stronthrah

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